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3.8.3. Nuclear

Whilst not a safety technology related to mining or even a technology in the sense of directly mitigating hazards, the Institute of Nuclear Power Stations (INPO) provides a model for promoting the highest levels of safety and reliability in the operation of nuclear power plants ( INPO was established in 1979 following the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant accident. The mission is to:

  • establish performance objectives, criteria and guidelines for the nuclear power industry

  • conduct regular detailed evaluations of nuclear power plants

  • provide assistance to help nuclear power plants continually improve their performance.

This is done by:

  • plant evaluations

  • training and accreditation

  • events analysis and information exchange

  • direct assistance.

The above criteria relate to an intense focus on audit that can continue into an assistance phase for general improvement and excellence across the entire industry.

This model could be transferred to underground coal mining to provide a similar collaborative environment for the improvement of global safety, health, environment and reliability aspects in a similar manner. Indeed a similar model was attempted at one stage within the Australian minerals industry – Minerals Industry Cooperative Initiative (MICI). Industry funding and support has since been withdrawn and the initiative is no longer in place.

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