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3.7.2. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the tenth largest coal producer in the world (about 83 Mt/yr - 2005), providing about 50 % of its total energy consumption. Approximately 26 % is exported to Russia and Ukraine. Underground mining only occurs in the Karaganda basin for the steel industries of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. There are now in the order of eight underground mines remaining, producing around 12 Mtpa. All mines are very gassy with coal seam gas content up to about 33 m3/t and utilise surface gas drainage wells and inseam drainage boreholes. In addition to these conventional methods gas drainage roadways are constructed above the extracted seam to capture gas released from the goaf as it caves. The overlying roadway system captured 6 m3/s at 60 % purity. Though not a high gas capture rate and purity, the technique offers an alternative approach and should be further considered.

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