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3.5.3. Communication and Information Systems for Real Time Risk Management

3.5.3. Communication and Information Systems for Real Time Risk Management

A major project was completed recently in collaboration with CSIRO of Australia. Output of the project is the development of the NexsysTM Realtime Risk Management System which provides mine operators with the ability to interpret a large amount of data from a wide variety of sources and offers a real time risk profiling capability.

The NexsysTM system is composed of two primary components: intrinsically safe (currently undergoing IEC Ex.ia approval) Ethernet hardware communication devices, and a software system to integrate, analyse and respond as determined by the mine. Figure 64 shows a typical NexsysTM underground hardware setup.

Figure 64 Nexsys real time risk management

NexsysTM allows mine operators to be more informed during their decision-making processes, based on integrated data and historical knowledge. The intrinsically safe hardware ensures data can continue to be collected in the event of power outages, fan stoppages or explosive gas related power loss. With this, and the capability to convert a variety of incompatible protocols into a single common language, the usefulness of each individual system is improved.

The NexsysTM system (hardware and software) is now installed in three operational mines, two in Australia (Anglo Coal's Grasstree Coal Mine in Queensland and Xstrata's Beltana Coal Mine in New South Wales), and the Kushiro Coal Mine in Hokkaido, Japan (Haustein and Rowan, 2007).

3.5.3. Communication and Information Systems for Real Time Risk Management

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