Report: APP CMHS Project 1

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3.5.2. Roof Fall Control

This project was undertaken in collaboration with CSIRO of Australia (Tomita, 2007). The system includes roof geo-structure logging equipment, monitoring and evaluation hardware and software. The roof geo-structure logging equipment is to measure and record the mechanical data during roof bolt holes (Measurement While Drilling or MWD) and consists of a bolting unit, a data logger and analysis software, as shown in Figure 60.

Figure 60 Measurement While Drilling system

The monitoring and evaluation hardware is composed of acceleration sensors, extensometers, rock displacement sensors, stressmeters and a datalogger. The flowchart of the data acquisition and analysis is shown in Figure 61.

Figure 61 Flowchart of data acquisition and analysis

The output of the system is a set of probabilities of a roof fall happening within various period of time. The system was tested in Kushiro coal mine in Japan and Ulan mine in Australia (Figure 62 shows the test schematics at Ulan mine) and test results were encouraging. Figure 63 shows the 3D geo-structures of roof rock at Kushiro coal mine.

Figure 62 Roof monitoring schematic at Ulan

Figure 63 3D representation of rock mass

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