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3.3.4. Strata Control

Roof fall accidents are the most frequently occurring incidents in the Chinese coal mines. Over the period 2000 to 2006, roof fall incidents totalled 7,255. Between 2006 and 2008, there were 237 fatality-resulting roof fall accidents with 529 miners losing their lives.

Current Technologies

Main factors contributing to roof fall incidents include rib conditions of roof strata stress and support failure. The current key technologies to monitor and control the roof falls include:

  • application of advanced roof support systems such as “U” type steel set support and chemical anchored bolts

  • visual inspection of roof conditions

  • installation of on-line roof condition monitoring systems. These systems monitor micro-seismic activities, dynamic loading, roof convergence with extensometers and strain gauges.

Application Sites

Advanced roof support systems and on-line roof condition monitoring systems have been used in some large coal mines, such as those in Yankuang and Huainan.

Technology Gaps/Needs

Reliable strata reinforcement and support are required for deep and high stress mining conditions. In addition development is required for an integrated system of continuous roof condition monitoring and early warning system.

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