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Eimco 913 Lhd Runaway

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An Eimco 913 ran out of fuel approximately 50m from the top of a 1:7 men and materials drift. The driver articulated the machine and parked it into the rib of the drift and completed the rest of the mine’s parking procedures, including applying the park brake. The indicator for the park showed that the brake had been applied. The driver satisfied himself that the machine was safe to leave and he went to notify the control room and to get some fuel. A short time later the Eimco ran away down the drift and continued some 200m inbye. Fortunately there were no injuries but there was the potential for a multiple injury/fatality incident.

The accident/ incident investigation found a roll pin from the park brake linkage was missing and that when the park brake button was depressed, the park brake indicator light would show park brake applied when in fact it wasn’t.


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6 Aug 2001

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